Spred.io Description
About Spred.io
You have 1 goal : conquer 90 % of the map. To do this you will need to convert as much tiles as possible and to kill other cells to claim their territory. Build a fortress to protect your territory, or rush aggresively your opponents is up to you.

How to Play Spred.io
In order to win you need to convert as much tiles as possible, your territory brings you mass every seconds so protect it well. To do this you can build wall around it, however walls don’t produce any mass.

Everytime you kill a player you gain all his territory except his walls.

You can fire poison to weaken an enemy or to destroy his wall.

You can fire food to help someone or to upgrade a wall.

Your own walls let you pass but block the enemies.

While splitted you can’t fire poison or convert any tile.

Spred.io Strategy
In Spred.io you can plays differents strategies. You can be aggressive by trying to eat other players or you can play defensively by building a strong fortress and spread bit by bit.


w or z : Fire food

x : fire poison

c : Build wall at your mouse position (cost 70 m)

v : Destroy your own wall at your mouse position and get a small refund

Space : Split


Trigon.io Description
About Trigon.io
Trigon.io is a multiplayer game in which players battle against each other in an online arena. Use clever strategy and tactics to destroy each other. You can gain points, buy upgrades and rise up the leaderboard as you gain power.

How to Play Trigon.io
Choose a name, class and ability. The class is the type of your ship and determines your strengths and weaknesses. Your ability is like a super power that you can use to surprise other players.

Click to shoot, and you will move in the opposite direction.

Hit the space bar to activate your ability.

Trigon.io Strategy
Try to stay away from other players until you get stronger. Start by hitting asteroids to get points and buy upgrades. Once you are more powerful, start taking on other players to grow more powerful more quickly.


Sccr.io Description
About [game title]

How to Play [game title]
You gotta put the ball into opponent team’s goal

Move – WASD or Arrow Keys

Turn / Spin – Mouse Movement

Use / Grab – Left Click

Pick up item – Right Click

Drop – G

[game title] Strategy
Try not to hoard the ball for yourself. Instead, utilize your teammates. Passing the ball, and thinking a few steps ahead can give you a great advantage against your opponents.


Cosmoc.io Description
About cosmoc.io
The brand new .io game! Control your ship and destroy others to become the leader!

How to play cosmoc.io
Move your mouse to control your ship.

Click the mouse or press Space to shoot.

cosmoc.io strategy
Select the class sensible. Be afraid of the Boss, he may destroy you in a few shoots!


– Classic: simple ship,

– Destroyer: has more HP, bigger bullets, but moves a little bit slower,

– Sniper: deals lots of damage, but you can destroy it easily,

– secret: ???


Munera Description
About Munera, the public arena
Munera io is a simplified version of the Treasure Arena. Nevertheless, the game has its own charm. There are no experience points, upgrades or complicated weapon selection. This game is completely dedicated to exploring and fighting. However that doesn’t mean all those are not going to be added in the future updates.

How to Play Munera
WASD + mouse

In the menu on the starting page you may switch between mouse and keyboard controls. Mouse is not very useful because you will have go get close to an enemy first and then shoot. Keyboard is a more convenient way (keys for moving and mouse for aiming and shooting).

Munera Strategy
There are three starting characters in the Munera io: Warrior, Archer and Wizard, each has its own weapons and characteristics. To play Munera io only a mouse is enough, but it’s better to have both a mouse and a keyboard.

The main goal of the game is to collect golden points, they give score points. Coins are spread all over the map and seen even through the fog of war. Also coins are left after killing a skeleton or an enemy. XP leads to level upgrade that improves damage and health levels + character gets bigger (as like in Agar io styled games). Advantage of this game is that even first level player can compete with more advanced players.


Gooz.online Description
About Gooz.online
gooz online – multiplayer online / room . 3 server us asia eu with character control Your troops are easy. Can walk back and forth. Guns come in a variety of styles, for light machine guns, heavy machine guns, rifles. Connect online with players around the world. Many weapons Unlimited ammo

How to Play Gooz.online
Arrow keys or WASD to move. Left click shoot.


Brutal.io Description
About Brutal.io
Brutal.io is an online game from the creator of Wings.io.

Control your car and throw your flail against other players!

Grab energy from various sources to grow your flail, become number #1 and dominate the arena in this abstract world where you can even be swallowed by a black hole.

How to Play Brutal.io

Easy to play, hard to master. Click to release your flail and click again to get it back. Green sentinels will steal energy from you if you get too distracted.

Brutal.io gameplay relies on pure 2D physics and after some time playing, you will feel in control of your car and your flail. You will start developing your own smart strategies to catch your enemies, whether its by crushing them against a wall, waiting for them at the entrance of the central room or by surprising them in the middle between your car and your flail.

Join this clever 2D physics game and play in real-time, with millions around the world.


Moomoo.io Description
About Moomoo.io
Build your farm to generate points. You must protect your farm from other players. Advance through the ages to unlock new items.

How to Play Moomoo.io
To gather resources in moo.io you have to hit trees, rocks and bushes. You can also attack other players.
Once you have collected enough resources you can build buildings and items to generate points and protect your farm.

Movement: W, A, S, D

Look: Mouse

Select Item: 1-9 or Click

Gather/Attack: Left Mouse or Space


About Cosmo.SX

Space is incredibly cool pvp game. If you deal damage to the planets, then they drop resources, through which you can pump skills. There are 8 skills that are pumped in 10 steps. There is a mini-map and a leaderboard. There are black holes in which it is better not to get. Bullets change the trajectory due to black holes.
How to play
WASD – Move
LMB – shoot

Objects in World

If the planet does damage, it gives glasses and decreases in size. If the planet reaches a minimum size, it will collapse and turn into a big black hole. Be careful!

Black holes
Black holes are very dangerous, they attract absolutely everything and irretrievably absorb. Change the trajectory of bullets.